Custom Software Development Services

Tourism / Leisure

With more than 880 million tourists worldwide, tourism generates a sales figure of over 80 billion euros. Tourism and leisure represent more than half of the value of online commerce. Management solutions exist but in many cases these are complex offers which are often not adapted to requirements; this is why it is important to use experts for implementing projects.

By having had numerous experiences in this field, Pentalog offers a true business expertise in order to assist its customers in the development of dedicated eCommerce sites or specific applications.

Our fields of expertise cover most segments, including events or business tourism, tourist offices and administrations, travel agencies, tour operators, accommodation, restaurants, leisure activities, culture etc.

Our expertise

Pentalog implements Open Source solutions of CMS type (Content Management Systems) or develops specific applications for each of the following segments :

Events / Business tourism

  • Follow-up of customers and providers
  • Billing
  • Marketing
  • Managing entries and exhibitors
  • B2B connection

Tourist offices / Administrations

  • Town hall: developing websites for the presentation of activities
  • Documentation management
  • Statistics, tracking
  • eMarketing
  • Reservation, online sales

Custom Software Development Services

Travel agencies, Tour operators

  • Follow-up of customers, providers
  • eMarketing
  • Documentation management
  • Search engines
  • Statistics

Accommodation / Restaurants

  • Reservation, billing
  • eMarketing
  • Location management / Rooms
  • Managing points of sales (hotel, restaurant, camping chains)

Leisure / Culture

  • Sports
    • Equipment renting
    • Reservations
    • Customer follow-up
    • Geographic localization, tourist itineraries
  • Culture
    • Interactive kiosks
    • Multi-channel information spreading: mobile devices, telephones etc.

Our approach

Our approach consists in using every resource available to help our customers rapidly create or upgrade their management application. Owing to its organization, Pentalog is capable of providing an overall answer to the issues of the tourism and leisure sector by including, for instance, the embedded part in its offer.

Depending on the needs and budget, and after an in-depth analysis, we recommend our customers to opt for an existing solution of a specific development.

Our experts always prefer OpenSource solutions which, combined with the financial advantages of outsourcing, allow to focus on features and ergonomics rather than on technology, thus offering you a solution that stands out from those of your competitors.

During the design phases, we set up a team consisting of consultants who have considerable experience in the field.

The Project manager comes to your office so that your requirements are perfectly understood and taken into account.

The choice of the work method is always left to our customers. However, for this type of project, we always recommend iterative methods that are often more adapted to the needs of responsiveness and changes.

The diagram below illustrates our iterative method :

Based on a backlog of features, the Project manager and the customer define together the content of the following sprint which generally lasts between two and four weeks. Each day, the project manager has a phone briefing with his customer on all the subjects which will be processed during the day.

This method, which requires the customer’s involvement, allows us to be in line with his expectations and offers regular deliveries for much more frequent releases.

Our services

We integrate existing solutions or carry out specific developments. We can also assist you in validating your application or your website at different stages of the production process.

Here is the detailed presentation of the services that Pentalog offers in the field of tourism and leisure :

Specific developments

Internet applications in ASP or SaaS mode

Specific autonomous applications (installation on the workstation)

Mobile application: developing applications for iPhone, iPad, mobile terminals or interactive kiosks


Corrective maintenance

Upgrade maintenance


  • Writing test files
  • Performing tests (integration, validation)

Interfacing your application with external tools

  • Online payment
  • Online reservation tools

Mastered tools

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Our experience

Pentalog has been working for several years with solution editors in the field of tourism and leisure. We have provided services covering complete development cycles in the field of leisure activities for young people as part of a project that included front office (graphic animations, online payment, product catalog and add management) and back office (affiliation, billing, subscription management, communication with partner sites, integrating external modules like online ticket offices).

Pentalog has also assisted the customer’s development team in implementing a French tourist standard. Pentalog’s team was considered an extension of our customer’s development centre as it used the same resources and tools as the internal team of our customer.

4 people, PHP dedicated team, from Pentalog Romania work for a pure player on the French eCommerce market. Read more about this success story.

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