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Offshore software development:

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Software development outsourcing: an industrial approach with a global team

Pentalog is a global outsourcing solution that develops the disruptive tech products and services envisioned by our clients. It is powered by a worldwide team of 1,300 dedicated IT professionals who are ready to help you deliver faster and better using a Lean industrial approach. We rely on performance management strategies and velocity metrics (project launch in less than 2 weeks with a dedicated team) to reduce your time-to-market while ensuring an optimal cost / quality ratio.

Our teams spread throughout 11 delivery centers (in Romania, Moldova, Mexico, Vietnam, Morocco and France) and 7 consulting offices (in Paris, Orléans, Lyon, Frankfurt, London, Boston and New York) provide software development outsourcing services which include: UX/UI design, software engineering, mobile & IoT development, cloud computing with 24/7 monitoring, DevOps, IT security, tech consulting, Agile coaching, digital marketing & growth hacking.

Building custom digital products

Our IT specialists combine high-end technical expertise and transversal knowledge to develop scalable and robust software solutions that fulfil all your business objectives.

Pentalog’s nearshore and offshore software development teams are led by Scrum Masters and composed of web and mobile app developers, technical architects, UX/UI designers, strategists, testers, and DevOps engineers that utilize their in-depth knowledge of software engineering to custom build software. Our teams are specialized in:

  • Custom front-end, back-end and full-stack application development
  • SOA, Microservices, Big Data, and architecture design
  • Mobile-first development that includes native, web, and hybrid apps as well as AI and VR
  • IoT solution prototyping, development and industrialization
  • Infrastructure management and Cloud solution implementation
  • IT security strategies custom-made to address your challenges

A flexible and transparent collaboration
To lead a highly competitive market you have to be able to scale up your business. This requires solid innovation capacity and fast response mechanisms for your company to address new client needs and stay flexible in a fast paced business environment. Pentalog proposes a streamlined collaboration model based on Agile best practices that provides you the flexibility and transparency you need to scale up your business.

Custom digital services
At any stage of our collaboration you can choose the software development outsourcing service that best fits your current needs.

This includes building an MVP to rapidly test your ideas on the market, end-to-end digital product development (from prototyping to product launch), software maintenance, testing for ongoing development projects, IT security and DevOps strategies.


The IT experts based in our nearshore and offshore software development centers tackle all your technical, strategic, and operational challenges. Pentalog will:

  • Optimize the time-to-market of your products by giving you quick access to skilled Agile developers
  • Reduce your costs with nearshore or offshore development teams
  • Ensure that you achieve 100% product availability through a 24/7 IT monitoring and technical support system that brings together DevOps engineers and infrastructure specialists from 4 continents (Europe, Asia, America and Africa)