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Pentalog has always promoted ongoing learning, self-training and knowledge sharing initiatives. This “never stop learning” approach is led by our own internal training department that manages the « Pentalog Evolution programme » (PEP) based on 4 main objectives:

  • Train talented young people on IT development projects
  • Improve the technical, functional, language and management skills of our employees
  • Capitalize on existing knowledge and acquired experience
  • Develop and maintain collaborations with universities and other academic organizations

Employee Training


The PEP offers students and young graduates the opportunity to carry out internships within the company in order to acquire a first technical experience during or just after their studies. In many cases, interships happen to be a gateway to long-term employment with Pentalog. The training period lasts at least 3 months in order for the trainee to follow-up of a full project cycle. A Pentalog coach is appointed to each new intern.

Professional training

All Pentalog employees benefit from regular training to keep up-to-date with new technologies, management and leadership best practices, as well as to keep improving their communication skills :

Knowledge sharing

Leveraging common experiences to gain, share and expand new skills is what Pentalog employees and managers are used to doing during various types of knowledge sharing events that take place inside the company on a regular basis :

  • « Learn & lunch » sessions : open discussions (1 hour during lunch break, once a week, open to all employees) on a broad range of topics related to market trends (business & technologies), best practices (software development, marketing, etc.) and innovation.
  • « Consulting days » : presentations, brainstorming and exercices based on a lean approach dealing with specific professional topics mainly related to Pentalog projects and clients but also on global business practices and issues (half-a-day, once a month, open to Pentalog consultants).
  • Workshops : presentations and discussions with clients an partners to share ideas on specific topics related to business or technologies and innovation.

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