Java Development Trust Pentalog with this open-source language of choice for complex and distributed applications.

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Java Development: Customers Depend on Pentalog’s Expertise

Java maintains wide popularity for cross-functionality and portability and serves as general purpose software for networked applications, scripting projects, web-based content, enterprise platforms, games and mobile apps. Since its introduction in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, the open source language has matured into a stable ecosystem of powerful development tools and increasing language diversity.

Pentalog has deep Java development experience, examples include:

  • SaaS platforms in various domains including FinTech
  • Web Applications in e-Commerce, tourism, MedTech, EdTech, and air transport
  • Connected objects (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) in MedTech, smart grid, home automation, and robotics
  • Big data and scientific applications

We supply a full spectrum of Java development talent covering:

  • Java technologies (Spring, Hibernate, SmartGWT, Hybris, JSF, ActiveMQ, ElasticSearch, Apache Camel, Apache Kafka, Redis)
  • JavaScript front-end frameworks (Angular, ReactJS, ExtJS, BackBoneJS)
  • Coding and deployment tools (GIT, Jenkins, Intellij Idea, Maven, Docker, AWS)

With Pentalog, you choose the kind of IT Outsourcing that’s right for you:

  • Staff Augmentation lets you add capacity to your team and accelerate delivery.
  • Managed Teams allows you to customize a dedicated agile team for innovation.
  • Consulting gives you access to top digital pros covering the product life cycle.

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