Capital of the United Kingdom with a population of 14 million, London is ranked the 3rd largest international tech hub outside of LA’s Silicon Valley. With London as its hotspot, the Financial Times estimates the UK as having the 3rd largest ecosystem of unicorns (start-ups valued at more than $1bn) worldwide, behind the US and China.

Its 6 airports, including London Heathrow have dubbed the city the world’s busiest airspace, making direct flights worldwide.

London is a lively city with both a royal heritage and diverse community, where culture and business intertwine harmoniously, creating fertile grounds for growing businesses.

Lean & Agile approach

Client-focused practices to build strong products and drive growth

Full-stack offer

Development, Consulting or Maintenance - we cover 100% of your digital needs

IT Freelancing & HR Boosting

Angular, ReactJS & Native, NodeJS, .NET, Java, Python, full-stack JavaScript

Digital services we offer in London

Pentalog’s consulting office in London: serving fields like FinTech, Retail, eLearning, and more.

In light of the overwhelming support of our clients in London, Manchester, Swansea, and Cardiff, we have set up shop with a consulting office in London to offer our entire range of digital services including Software Engineering, Product Development, Talent Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Agility Consulting, and Innovation Financing.

Our Agile-enabled digital skills and services platform is dedicated to helping SaaS companies, eCommerce pure players and digital native businesses access high-quality, cost-effective tech & digital talent.

The experts from Globant are also present in London, and their services are structured around three main areas:

  • The Studios, which are centers of excellence spread worldwide. They combine engineering and design while intelligently leveraging the latest technological trends. Each Studio is dedicated to a specific technology, discipline, or sector.
  • Agile PODs bring together the world’s top tech talents in each industry. Organized into Agile teams, they develop and support end-to-end solutions.
  • Globant X encompasses products and platforms based on AI to accelerate businesses.
Développement de produits digitaux
Gestion de projets

Read about how we helped online furniture retailer, build, test & release 2 additional platforms – Talentlab & Made Unboxed by taking advantage of Romania’s untapped well of outsourced tech talent.

Learn more about how fast fashion giant, Missguided managed to stay on top of their ballooning business while Pentalog revamped both their online order system and digital storefront during a period of rapid expansion.

Russell Goldie
Business Development Director, UK
168 Shoreditch High Street,
2nd Floor,
London, UK, E1, 6RA
+44 20 39661899
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