React Development

.React Development Create modern, interactive UI components with this popular JavaScript library.

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Build Lightweight Applications with React

React is the most popular JavaScript library used for building visually appealing and responsive web and mobile applications. Created by a software engineer from Facebook, React gained traction for its efficient features that make the code predictable and easier to debug while speeding up development time.

React development services

Pentalog offers full-stack development services using React:

  • Web and mobile apps
  • E-commerce sites
  • Single page applications
  • Migration to React
  • Maintenance and evolution

React development expertise

React stack we use to build large projects:

  • State management: Redux, MobX
  • Styling: CSS, SASS, Material UI, React Canvas
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase
  • Frameworks: React Native, TypeScript
  • Deployment: AWS, GitLab, Jenkins

React development resources

With Pentalog, you choose the kind of IT Outsourcing that’s right for you:

  • Staff Augmentation lets you add capacity to your team and accelerate delivery.
  • Managed Teams allows you to customize a dedicated agile team for innovation.
  • Consulting gives you access to top digital pros covering the product life cycle.

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