Sur Mesure

The digital and international transformation of a SME

Client location Centre-Val de Loire, France

Business area Manufacturing

Product Digitalization

Delivery center Bucharest, Romania

Project type Growth & UX/UI & development

About the client

Sur Mesure is an SME located in France’s Centre-Val de Loire region. The company was founded in 2011 and offers a wide range of entranceway door mats and easy-clean flooring solutions, entirely designed and produced in Sur Mesure’s production facilities in France and sold in a dozen countries.The company quickly experienced great success in France and didn’t hold back in pursuing its international ambitions. In early 2017, Sur Mesure launched, a B2B service platform, and for direct online sales to individuals throughout Europe.


Technologies used

The challenge

Sur Mesure needed leverage to support its growth through digital transformation and to stimulate its international development. The SME turned to Pentalog, first for a diagnostic of its IT system, then for overall IT optimization in both its production and marketing departments.

Following its success with its professional clients, Sur Mesure wanted to firstly expand its online customer base and its online product line and secondly, improve its productivity in order to support its growth.

The first step therefore meant upgrading its IT system and automating sales and production management tasks. Next, the company needed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitization of their international marketing in order to increase the ROI of actions taken.

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digital transformation

The solution

The project started in late 2015 with a consulting assignment intended to assess the IT system and technical infrastructure of Sur Mesure. The Pentalog consultant issued recommendations in two main areas: security and productivity improvement through the IT system.

During summer 2016, a development team and a Pentalog Software Factory product owner then began implementing the recommended actions:

  • Replacement of the Vtiger CRM and implementation of a production management tool linked to the existing e-commerce site.
  • Addition of new functions such as automated management of order priority.

Then, in 2017, Pentalog’s actions focused on:

  • Importing data from the old CRM.
  • Implementation of sending newsletters: incorporation of the old CRM contacts and importation of new data.
  • Addition of new functions in the production management tool.

A multilingual team made up of SEM consultants and content producers from the Pentalog Growth Factory is continuously working to optimize Sur Mesure’s digital marketing tools for both B2B and B2C sales:

  • Management of customer acquisition campaigns (Google Adwords): regular optimization and readjustment of existing campaigns according to their performance and creation of new campaigns in four different languages targeting France, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, and Switzerland. The ROI from these acquisition campaigns has been very strong.
  • Development of the brand’s organic web presence and reputation through the publishing of blog articles, with translations in four languages, linked to Sur Mesure’s products (target countries: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg).
  • Content creation for newsletters sent out in these same languages to Sur Mesure’s customers and prospects.

The results

With Pentalog, Sur Mesure modernized and optimized its IT system (it now handles twice as many orders with the same team), it improved productivity, and it achieved its international growth objectives.

Since the start of the collaboration, Sur Mesure has doubled its staff and has experienced annual growth over 100%, with continued growth in exports. This has been accompanied by an approach for continuous improvement in its products and processes.

Are you also interested in improving the efficiency of your production facilities and your digital transformation? Do you need to increase the productivity of your sales department?

Emilian-Valentin Bordea
Customer Success Manager

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