Embedded Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance

Mass consumer goods

Pentalog offers assistance to its clients by employing its experience, competence, responsiveness and understanding of the requirements of the mass consumer electronics market. The time-to-market and customer service are essential on this highly competitive market: the brand image of the company and its products is at stake. Our engineers collaborate with the client’s teams during all stages of product development, testing and maintenance in order to live up to these requirements.

The mass consumer electronics market has never reached such a high level: it is estimated at 964 billion dollars (i.e. 726 billion euros) in 2011. This means that it will go up by 10% as compared to 2010 (91 billion dollars) mainly in developed countries, unlike in 2010 when emerging countries, from Africa in particular, had benefited from the growth. The products that will benefit from this increase the most are smartphones (322 million units), laptops (220 million units), tablets (iPad sales will double, reaching 30 million units) and flat screens (197 million units), without mentioning all the related accessories, software applications and equipment: hands-free telephone kit, synchronization applications, product-specific software, internet box, multimedia platform etc. In 2011, the Western European market will register the most significant increase, by 23% (i.e. an additional 15.8 billion euros).

Our expertise

Pentalog provides its customers with assistance during the entire life cycle of their products, by offering them competence centers for managing their equipment:

  • Wireless connection equipment: our customers can benefit from our engineers’ experience by integrating into their products the different types of wireless connection available on the market:
    • Bluetooth has become a standard feature, as it is integrated in almost 1.3 billion devices worldwide, 850 million of which are mobile phones. It enables to connect two devices like a mobile phone to a pair of loudspeakers, a hands-free kit to a car, a wireless headset etc.
    • WiFi has also become a standard feature, as it allows to make point-to-point connections (connection to a shared hard disk, a printer, a drone etc.) or to a hotspot in order to be connected to a network (internet through an ADSL box, for instance).
    • Radio frequency (RF) is more and more used in networks which do not require an interconnection with other solutions. Protocols are chosen according to the use and objective of the solution (e.g.: use of the Wavenis or Zigbee protocol in order to extend equipment battery life).
  • Mobile equipment: our engineers perform actions on all component layers, from design to maintenance or the development of applications dedicated to platforms such as (check out the specific mobile applications development offer):
    • Smartphones on platforms like iOS, Symbian, Android, Windows Phone, RIM etc.
    • Tablets on platforms iOS, Android, WebOS platforms
    • Laptops on Windows and Linux platforms
  • Box-type equipment: our teams take over the hosting of the box in order to be able to recreate as a simulation and/or reproduce in a real environment all the conditions of use.

iOS App Development

Our Services: Embedded Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance

Pentalog offers different services in order to help you throughout your project:

  • Design associated with assistance in drafting the requirements, the architecture, and in designing the different electronic modules that make up the equipment.
  • Embedded development, from firmware to embedded software, including all layers (OS, drivers, connectors etc.).
  • Software and hardware integration from the lower layer to the applications.
  • Tests and validation by drafting and executing plans and test cases (functional tests, configuration tests, fault tolerance tests, integration tests, non-regression tests, load tests etc.) and by suggesting the necessary automation upgrades in order to save time and gain in regularity.
  • Third-party application maintenance: analyzing and solving bugs, processing upgrades.

Our approach

Pentalog helps you ensure the success of your project by implementing:

  • a pivot mission on your premises (or ours) in order to gain the necessary knowledge for managing your product (within the project). It is during this phase that the Project Quality Plan is drafted.
  • the Project Quality Plan which describes the entire organization that is implemented, the rules to be observed, the frequency of follow-up and coordination meetings and the service quality indicators. (read more about the project quality approach)
  • the infrastructure that is necessary to the service: development platform, hardware resources (source servers, test servers etc.), follow-up tools (BugTracking, timetracking, wiki for managing the project documentation), simulation tools


  • Programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, ASP .Net
  • Development platforms: Labview, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Calculation and simulation: Matlab / Simulink (Mathwoks)
  • Automatic code generator: TargetLing (dSpace)
  • Communication : CAN, LIN, FlexRay
  • Script languages: Python, Perl, Tcl
  • Osek: OilCfg (Vector)
  • XML

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Our experience

Our teams develop projects for clients such as:

One of the five world leaders in 2G and 3G technologies, with more than 200 products launched worldwide during the last three years:

  • Two “first of kind” product families for which our engineers have contributed in all phases: from design to maintenance.
  • Support and competence transfer missions (for the beneficiaries of our client) in Chile, Brazil, the USA, South Korea, China, India, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Finland and Poland.
  • Our engineers are specialized in the different sectors of mobile phone life cycle development:
    • Hardware: both RF (Radio Frequency) and Base Band
    • Software: from low layer hardware drivers (BSP) to the telecom stack (Layer 1 and Protocol Layers), multimedia applications (video and audio) and interface layer applications.
    • Validation: specific validation of mobile phones with a large array of competences: integration tests, GCF (Global Certification Forum), field tests and IOTs (interoperability tests).

For the European leader in mass-market Bluetooth and wifi products, our teams design and perform mass, robustness and compatibility tests for the entire production: Bluetooth® portable stereo soundbox, hands-free kit, Bluetooth® wireless photo frames, Bluetooth® hands-free CD/MP3 car radios

Coronis (a branch of the ELSTER group), the leader in the field of designing and developing ultra-low power Wireless OEM platforms for monitoring, controlling and reading information: developing and maintaining the software package designed for installing, reading and monitoring power networks

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