At Pentalog, we offer 24/7 IT monitoring for all types of companies. Since project kick-off, our team of experts offers you 100% support in both curative maintenance and preventive maintenance, as well as live environment management all along your growth lifecycle.

Curative maintenance for the IT monitoring of your infrastructure

The Pentalog IT team provides its customers with an assortment of curative maintenance solutions to help them increase the availability, performance and security of their IT infrastructure, environment and services.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Registration of tickets declared by mail
  • Registration of tickets detected following monitoring
  • Feedback on tickets
  • Virtual machine (VM) restart
  • Service (web, database) restart
  • Intervention on network alert
  • Intervention on application server alert
  • Drawing up operational procedures

Curative Maintenance Services

NB: What Pentalog does not provide is first-level hotline services to end users. Also, we do not record tickets declared by phone.

Get the best cost ratio for your IS monitoring and curative maintenance at Pentalog!

Does your software need curative maintenance services?

Also see our third-party application maintenance offer.

Our IT monitoring business model

Pentalog will charge:

  • An initial cost of implementation related to the kick-off phase.
  • A fixed monthly cost for passive monitoring.
  • A variable cost related to the time spent by our specialists on both corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance tasks

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