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DevOps Engineer
Romania (Brasov, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Timișoara)

Date posted: 12.06.2024

Job type: Full time

Romania (Brasov, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Timișoara)

Remote work

Full time

Job perks: Digital Transformation Projects; Multidisciplinary Teams

About the project

How we hire:
At Pentalog, excellence is what you'll do. We're guided by a mission to positively impact the software development world.

In an industry where digitalization is the key, our client helps companies strike a balance by standardizing processes, capitalizing on expertise, and attracting top talent.

Our client is creating an Operations Management Cloud (web and mobile) solution.

We are searching for a DevOps Engineer – Azure, to join our teams as we expand. You'll be a part of an agile team that will rely on your knowledge to develop our client public APIs, web and mobile applications, and add functionality. 

Over the last five years, the company has developed a specialized software solution to address industry concerns. This solution seamlessly connects onsite workers, reconciles field operations with asset management, and ensures data continuity throughout the value chain. The goal is to empower manufacturers to concentrate on their core business – executing technical actions.

Job requirements

  • Possess strong knowledge of security and compliance practices;
  • Have familiarity with Azure Monitor and Application Insights for real-time performance monitoring and logging;
  • Demonstrate experience in setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines, including integrating code quality checks, automated testing, and deployment strategies;
  • Be proficient in Azure services, with a focus on Azure Web Apps for hosting scalable and high-availability web applications;
  • Exhibit skills in Docker for creating, deploying, and running applications in isolated environments;
  • Possess advanced knowledge of Terraform for writing, planning, and creating automated infrastructure;
  • Demonstrate proficiency with Git for source code management;
  • Have a strong background in scripting, including PowerShell, Bash, and Azure CLI, for automating tasks;
  • Teamwork: Evaluate how well the candidate can work collaboratively within a team, respecting diverse opinions and contributing positively1;
  • Communication: Look for candidates who can effectively convey ideas to individuals or teams with different backgrounds1;
  • Adaptability: With technology constantly evolving, candidates should be open to learning and embracing change1;
  • Time Management: Assess the candidate’s ability to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently1;
  • Critical Thinking: A critical mind is valuable for problem-solving and approaching challenges from various angles1;
  • Attention to Detail: Minor mistakes can have major consequences, so detail-oriented candidates are crucial1;
  • Ethics: Strong ethical principles are essential for maintaining a reputation for quality work and fostering professionalism;
  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Proficient in English.


  • Healthcare benefits (Private Medical Insurance, various extra medical advantages);
  • A more active lifestyle with the help of our PentaSport activities;
  • French and English classes;
  • Free pass to learning platforms;
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Mentorship programs that encourage and enable your professional development;
  • Access to a technology roadmap;
  • Full support to upgrade yourself (conferences and certifications);
  • New-born maternity grant;
  • A front-row seat to PentaBARs – our after-work tech events with a twist.

About Pentalog

As a leading European Software Services company operating internationally in France, Romania, Germany, Moldova, UK, Vietnam, Mexico, Morocco and USA, we employ over 1,300 engineers and IT experts who work in a very dynamic, multicultural working environment.

At Pentalog, your talents & ambitions are recognized and rewarded; we offer plenty of opportunities to develop, both individually, as well as a professional, and we reward our collaborators who understand the importance of self-improvement.

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