Why choose Romania for IT Outsourcing

Is an Eastern Europe destination the perfect match for your software outsourcing project? Romania’s IT potential opens up a fresh market of highly-skilled software engineers to accelerate your business.

High-end technical expertise, soft skills, Agile thinking and cost-effectiveness are the key benefits of entrusting your IT project to a Romanian team.

Explore a dynamic talent pool

What makes IT outsourcing to Romania a preferred choice for many global tech leaders is the open-mindedness and adaptability of Romanian development teams. Romanian teams consist of tech-savvy IT professionals, high achievers and team players, with very high level English language skills.

This is what allows us, at Pentalog, to build and ramp up reliable teams of several dozens of developers in only a few weeks’ time.

IT Outsourcing Romania

We rely on:

  • A talent pool of 300 000 IT-tested profiles
  • 1000 engineers under permanent work contract
  • 5 production centers in Eastern Europe
  • ISO 9001: 2008 certification for all our delivery centers
  • Facilities in Europe, America and Asia with at least one office located right next to you wherever you operate

If you want to quickly locate the right outsourcing team for your project the Pentalog digital service platform provides all the necessary support for launching your project in Romania.
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Customize the terms of your collaboration

When choosing a country for outsourcing your software development projects, you should make sure that you know about the location’s available IT potential that will bring the added value you need to your business.

At Pentalog, our flexibility with IT outsourcing allows you to optimize your collaboration with a Romanian team:

  • Dedicated team or fixed-price contract, depending on the complexity of your project
  • Onsite, remote, mixed or distributed team, adapted to your communication needs
  • Nearshore or offshore outsourcing, allowing you to adjust for time zone differences

Our consultants will assist you from day one in choosing the right approach and resources for a successful long-term collaboration with an outsourced Romanian team.

Kick-off your IT outsourcing project in Romania

Pentalog has been active in Romania since 2000 and is a key player for both nearshore and offshore partnerships. Our delivery centers are appreciated for their commitment, flexibility and high level of expertise.

With four Delivery Centers in Romania (BrasovBucharestClujIasi) and a fifth one, not far away, in Moldova (Chisinau), Pentalog offers different price levels and a broad range of technical skills in a culturally similar context with an optimal time zone difference for European clients.

What the Pentalog digital platform offers:

  • Marketing technology services
  • Software engineering and IT Consulting
  • UI/UX design
  • IT recruitment and BOT operations
  • Financing solutions for start-ups

Make the best out of your IT investments with the skill sets offered by a dedicated outsourcing team in Romania!

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