Smart thinking and swift action is the essential mix of ingredients to give you an edge on a market dominated by Android devices. Outsourcing Android development in Romania is the go-to option if you are looking for an all-in-one solution that covers your need for top-notch technical expertise, Agile thinking, location convenience, smooth collaboration and resource optimization.

Romania is an emerging outsourcing destination in Eastern-Europe with a fast-growing community of tech-savvy professionals passionate about Android technologies. They have extensive experience in developing cross-device compatible apps using the latest technologies you can leverage to build powerful Android apps with global reach and add a more immersive dimension to your digital products.

Hard&soft skills for your Android Development project in Romania

Android Developers in Romania are largely fluent English speakers. They are also appreciated for their flexibility and increased capacity to understand their clients’ core values and adapt to company culture.

Our outsourcing teams in Romania boast over 150 full-time Android Specialists familiar with working in multicultural environments and collaborating with clients all over the globe. We also rely on a strong worldwide community of 3000+ Android profiles to ramp up your dedicated team with the exact hard&soft skills you require.

Android Development Outsourcing Romania

The tech and business specialties of our Android Developers cover:

  • Native Android development with JAVA, Kotlin or Scala
  • Cross-platform development using React Native or Kamarin
  • PWA and hybrid apps based on Ionic, Cordova or PhoneGap
  • Functional expertise in multiple industry areas: m-commerce, medtech, media, travel, entertainment, IoT, edtech, and more

Your Android outsourcing project will be up and running within 4 weeks: 2 weeks to define your needs, understand your product vision and launch your project, and an additional 2 for team ramp up.

The profiles available on our Romanian teams are diverse and range from developers of all experience levels to Scrum Masters, Product Owners, QA Engineers and UI/UX Designers to build your outsourced Android development teams from the ground up.

Industry leading quality standards and methodologies

Our Romanian Android development teams are located in 4 of the most dynamic cities of the country: BucharestBrasovCluj and Iasi. All locations have solid IT infrastructures and can function as both nearshore and offshore destinations, depending on your location.

Our Android development outsourcing capacity in Romania comprises:

  • ISO certification in all our Romanian delivery centers
  • Agile & Lean approach to product development while applying industry best practices
  • DevOps and automation to reduce risks and vulnerabilities, improve app scaling capacities, and increase team productivity
  • TDD, BDD, technical debt management and data governance procedures applied in every Android development project
  • IP protection procedures to ensure full privacy for your innovative apps

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Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Full-Stack support every step of the way

When partnering up with our outsourced Android development teams, our clients receive guidance throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Once plugged into the Pentalog ecosystem, you gain swift access to tech, marketing, business and financial resources to boost your Android development project. It all happens on our full-service digital platform, which encompasses:

  • IT recruitment, Skill assessment and freelancing solutions to build or scale up dedicated teams or strengthen in-house capacities
  • End-to-end development services: UI/UX design, high-quality development, efficient software testing, ongoing maintenance, cloud computing and IT monitoring
  • High-end consulting for UX, architecture design, security aspects and technology-related decisions
  • Digital marketing and growth hacking solutions and strategies to help you explore as much as possible the business potential of your digital product
  • Financing options for startups to support their innovative ideas

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