Freelance Business Referral

Freelance Business Referral

Talk to your clients about us,
and get 5% of our billing.

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Increase your revenues through your professional network

If you want to earn more as a freelancer, you basically have only two options: charge more or work more.

Pentalog would like to suggest a third possibility: becoming a business referral freelancer.

Share your clients’ needs with us, and if they accept our proposition, we’ll pay you for your trouble.

How can you become a Pentalog ‘business referral freelancer’?

  1. Identify clients with an IT staffing requirement

    Some of your clients are looking to reinforce their teams – with developers, marketing, growth specialists, or UI/UX designers.
  2. Receive 5% of the invoiced amount when our proposition is validated

    Depending on client needs, Pentalog can offer outsourcing, recruitment, or freelancing.
    If they accept our proposition, you get 5% of the amount that we invoice.
  3. Take advantage of your professional network

    For example: One of your clients is looking for a senior Java developer. Pentalog proposes a freelancer for a six-month assignment, with an average daily rate of 550€. As a Pentalog business referral freelancer, you would get 5% of this amount – that’s 3300€.
  4. Create customer loyalty and boost your revenue without working harder

    By becoming a Pentalog business referral freelancer, you reinforce ties with your clients by helping them with their requests – and you get paid for it!