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Fullstack developer
Romania (Brasov, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Timișoara)

Date posted: 17.11.2023

Job type: Full time

Romania (Brasov, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Timișoara)

Remote work

Full time

Job perks: Diverse and Inclusive Environment; Innovative Culture

About the project

How we hire:

At Pentalog, excellence is what you'll do. We're guided by a mission to positively impact the software development world.

Since 2018, one of the largest online-only used car dealers has been using their marketplace to transform the way people buy, finance, or rent used vehicles.

Our partner is currently looking for a mid-level Fullstack Developer to play an essential part in ensuring the smooth operation and continuous improvement of their systems. Your responsibilities will include a variety of tasks aimed at maintaining and enhancing the stability, performance, and functionality of the software solutions.

TDD, Clean Code, and the values and practices of XP, DevOps, and software craftsmanship, such as pair programming and a "you build it, you run it" mindset, are all embraced by the project.

Tech stack:
React.js, Next.js, Redux, TypeScript, Python, Kotlin, GraphQL, Jest, AWS, Datadog, GitHub, Terraform, Serverless, Analytics (, Google Analytics, Looker)

Job requirements

  • Proficiency in an object-oriented language (preferably TypeScript), front-end frameworks (preferably React), and back-end technologies;
  • Understand application design and architecture, particularly micro-design, dependency flow, and object composition;
  • Modern software development practices such as Test-Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), and a DevSecOps mindset are required;
  • Comfortable switching between front-end and back-end technologies, even if one of these areas is not your primary focus;
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and a proclivity for finding practical solutions to complex problems;
  • A strong desire for self-development and continuous learning;
  • Interested in staying current on industry trends and technologies;
  • Humble, energetic, inventive, and a team player. Work quality pride and a positive, practical attitude are required, as well as the ability to work well in a team and effectively communicate with team members and stakeholders;
  • Strong written and verbal English skills.


  • Analyze and comprehend the architecture, design patterns, and dependencies of the existing systems thoroughly;
  • Investigate and troubleshoot reported issues, identifying root causes and putting effective solutions in place;
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to resolve critical bugs in a timely manner;
  • Examine and improve the codebase, using best practices to increase maintainability and readability;
  • Identify code refactoring opportunities to eliminate redundancy, improve performance, and optimize resource usage;
  • Create and run automated tests to maintain a high level of software quality and reduce regressions, while also providing effective monitoring and logging solutions;
  • Document system components, workflows, and processes to improve team collaboration and knowledge sharing;
  • Optimise pipelines, monitor system performance, and identify scalability opportunities;
  • Address performance bottlenecks proactively.


  • Healthcare benefits (Private Medical Insurance, various extra medical advantages);
  • A more active lifestyle with the help of our PentaSport activities;
  • French and English classes;
  • Free pass to learning platforms;
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Mentorship programs that encourage and enable your professional development;
  • Access to a technology roadmap;
  • Full support to upgrade yourself (conferences and certifications);
  • New-born maternity grant;
  • A front-row seat to PentaBARs – our after-work tech events with a twist.

About Pentalog

As a leading European Software Services company operating internationally in France, Romania, Germany, Moldova, UK, Vietnam, Mexico, Morocco and USA, we employ over 1,300 engineers and IT experts who work in a very dynamic, multicultural working environment.

At Pentalog, your talents & ambitions are recognized and rewarded; we offer plenty of opportunities to develop, both individually, as well as a professional, and we reward our collaborators who understand the importance of self-improvement.

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