Digital transformation or digitization is revolutionizing lots of businesses and activities. The rise of the sharing economy (i.e. urban ride sharing), connected TV and VoD, augmented reality, social networking, comes along with a skyrocketing demand for new types of web-based products and services addressing those shifting, user-centered business models.

Making the most out of digitization

Pentalog enjoys substantial experience in designing, developing and operating web-empowered communications strategies and business tools connecting users in healthcare, fitness, marketing, education, entertainment, dating, transport, real estate, human resources, etc.

Web Development Services

Our digital clients disrupt traditional business models and value chains thanks to innovative web products and services. To ensure sustainable acceleration and ROI, we help them concentrate on strategic stakes that are most likely to deliver incremental growth over time and keep their solutions ahead of competition:

  • implementing state-of-the-art ergonomics
  • increasing user traction, engagement and retention as fast as possible
  • implementing service monetization with locally-relevant payment methods
  • designing cross-platform services
  • considering internationalization as a multiplier
  • integrating social networking components and building a community around the product

Providing full-stack support

Lots of creative startups need full-stack support from designing their MVP to selling their web products and services online.

With its one-stop shop approach, the Pentalog online service platform comes as a true product partner that offers front-end development, back-end development as well as full-stack development on the technical side, associated with innovation consulting and digital marketing services on the business side.

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Our web products and services track-record includes successful startups like Bitgym (augmented fitness app), Otosense (sound recognition app for people with hearing loss), SharalikeSocrativePickmecab, etc.

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