What is DevOps?

Managing IT infrastructure is a challenging task for every company, irrespective of its size or activity sector. It takes resourceful ITOps Engineers, strategic thinking and an Agile mindset to choose the best technical resources and deploy appropriate strategies. But, what is DevOps and what does it specifically contribute to efficient IT infrastructure management?

Defining automation: what is DevOps?

DevOps is an indispensable resource when it comes to managing IT infrastructure. Applying DevOps practices will help you create a flawless IT system operation and set up automation. They will also provide the necessary tools to increase your system’s security and performance while giving you an important edge by reducing the time and resources spent overhauling IT systems.


The scope of DevOps intervention spans across system integration and deployment, and covers both virtual and application servers. It is a technical skill set that allows you to automate multiple processes throughout the entire software development lifecycle. These practices are congruent with Agile practices and Lean thinking and contribute to the development of a more robust IT infrastructure.

Which processes can be automated with DevOps?

At Pentalog, our DevOps Specialists will help you speed up development and increase your IT system’s reliability by:

  • Automating performance and security tests to identify vulnerabilities and propose immediate corrective actions
  • Automatically verifying source code integrity and its compliance with coding best practices
  • Ensuring Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment of new releases on every application server (testing, staging, production) without manual intervention
  • Deploying specific IT infrastructures by using automation tools such as Ansible and Terraform
  • Migrating software to a better IT system or service platform
  • Updating and upgrading application servers and systems through automated patch management

What are the advantages of DevOps?

Understanding what DevOps is and revising your strategy to include it in your ITOps will give you significant advantages:

  • Increased efficiency, stability and control of your application infrastructure
  • Reduced costs and shorter timeframes to perform specific processes, which leads to an accelerated time-to-market
  • Improved system reliability by allowing faster detection and fixing of wrong configurations and system vulnerabilities
  • Faster application deployment with less human intervention and better change management

Whether you are looking to implement a reliable ITOps strategy or you are searching for ways to manage time and resources more efficiently, our teams of DevOps Engineers will provide the support you need to understand what DevOps is and leverage all of its advantages.

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