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SkillValue Freelancers: your partner for a trustworthy IT freelancing collaboration

SkillValue is the IT recruitment and technical assessment specialist of the Pentalog digital platform. By leveraging a talent pool of 500,000 profiles tested on their IT skills and a well-seasoned recruitment team, we help you hire reliable Software Engineers that match all of your IT freelancing needs.

By choosing our freelancing service, a CTO dedicated to your strategic growth objectives will guide you through defining your product and assessing the candidates.

Our custom IT freelancing services have helped our clients build successful MVPs and rapidly test their ideas, speed up their development process, and find the technical expertise they lacked.

A value-added service for your IT freelancing needs

SkillValue Freelancers has been designed to meet the need for a specific skillset or a short-term commitment. It proposes two types of complementary services that are meant to improve the efficiency and flexibility of your collaboration with a freelancer.

This includes:

  • Expert consulting provided by a CTO. He offers support on software architecture, product discovery, and technical decision-making. It will help you better define your product, your requirements, as well as your expectations.
  • Sourcing, assessment, and selection of freelance developers. The freelancers are evaluated on their hard and soft skills using our IT testing platform and through interviews conducted by a CTO. This process helps us ensure they will be totally dedicated to your project’s goals and vision.

Through our IT freelancing service, you can access all of the types of tech profiles you need to build software: full-stack, back-end, front-end or mobile developers, data specialists, QA engineers, product owners, and even CTOs.

Addressing the challenges of IT freelancing

The IT freelancing service is a viable and highly-effective alternative to in-house or outsourced software development. You can utilize it for multiple purposes:

  • Building an MVP, a PoC or a new product version faster, especially when the time and resources available are limited
  • Leveraging a high-end technical expertise to reduce the time-to-market of a product or scale it up faster
  • A flexible engagement model that allows you to choose between dedicated teams, tech profiles for your in-house team, freelance IT specialists, or even a BOT model
  • Filling a technology gap or building up the capabilities of your team by accessing a specific skillset or level of experience
  • Working with a technical expert on a longer-term collaboration or for recurring consulting missions

We help you find reliable freelancers matching your IT projects: hard & soft skills on demand.

We utilize a talent pool of more than 400,000 candidates and over 600 quizzes and coding exercises to quickly address any of your HR endeavors and build up your in-house teams.

At any point of your collaboration, you can access the full service range provided by the Pentalog digital platform: outsourced teams or offshore development units, growth hacking and digital marketing strategies, skills assessment for your internal teams, financing solutions and more.

A fully transparent and reliable collaboration

The value proposition of the Pentalog digital platform goes beyond the traditional freelancing services in the way that it provides a reliable, flexible, and fully transparent collaboration with a freelancer, within a quality-centric approach. Agility is our default method of organization, we also ensure full transparency of costs and terms of collaboration.

The freelance profiles we propose are 100% tested and interviewed. The technical evaluation allows us to match your technical requirements with the freelancer’s skillset. When our CTO interviews them, we make sure their personality and teamwork skills correspond to your working methods and company culture.